Message from CEO

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our new company, Reno Sub-Systems, to our longtime semiconductor friends, colleagues and customers around the world. The founding of Reno has been a very gratifying challenge which has brought together many of the best and brightest minds in the field of Semiconductor Process Equipment Instrumentation. At a time when industry consolidation and the tightening of venture capital poses a serious threat to new business formation, the founders of Reno have demonstrated the incredible power of inventing world-class technologies to enable next generation processes. With three brand new and highly disruptive technologies, we are creating a paradigm shift in the industry. At Reno, we believe there is unlimited potential for new discoveries and innovative thinking. As we move forward into the 450mm era, Reno stands at the summit of semiconductor process control equipment technology, ready to set the standards for product performance, worldwide customer support and customer satisfaction.

Management Team

David Ferran - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ferran is a high energy, global business leader with 22 years of Chairman/CEO/President experience and an additional 13 years of M+A advisory and Global Business Development experience in the Micro-Electronics Fabrication sector. Mr. Ferran has a proven track record of building and energizing high performance global management teams, leading companies through the IPO process, executing difficult business turnarounds and finding ways of getting complex M+A transactions completed. As a data driven, results oriented leader Mr. Ferran possess a strong "customer satisfaction" orientation and an unwavering commitment to the creation of sustainable stakeholder value.

Previous positions include: Managing Director- Noblemen Group Division President- Mattson Technologies CEO- Akrion LLC CEO/Chairman- Submicron Systems CEO/Executive Chairman-Tylan General President-Vacuum General
Christopher Davis - Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing

Mr. Davis is a results oriented visionary and entrepreneur. From his Chemical Engineering base he has spent his entire 29 year career in the semiconductor industry. During that time Mr. Davis has designed, launched, founded, patented and sold disruptive technology and profitable products that are found in every fab in the world today. With his proven communication skills, Mr. Davis is a leader that inspires and builds global teams and strategies that provide differentiation and solutions to this high technology market.

Previous positions include: Vice President Sales-Dakota Systems Vice President Sales-HoribaSTEC President, CEO and co-founder -Fugasity Corporation (Purchased by HoribaSTEC) President- Aztech Controls (Co-founder of Fugasity)
Jeff Spencer - Director Finance/Business Development

Jeff joined Reno as one of its founders. Jeff has a strong background in business, investment banking and economics. With a Master's in Economics from the University of the Balearic Islands, he has worked in Spain, the USA and Canada in both private and public sectors. Jeff is now working toward his Ph.D. in Economics and is fluent in French and Spanish.

Previous positions include: Project Director, Department of Economic Development, Nova Scotia, Canada Senior Financial Analyst, Noblemen Group Managing Director, Spencer Economic Consulting Investment Banking Analyst, Lomax Group
Imran Bhutta – Chief Technology Officer RF Power & Matching Network Products

Imran Bhutta, with a PHD in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, and over 20 years of practical design and management experience, Mr. Bhutta will lead Reno's multi-disciplinary groups in the design of RF Power systems. Previous products designed by Mr. Bhutta and his team are now sold by some of the largest and most successful players in the global market. Mr. Bhutta's executive experience includes managing and coordinating the high level interactions between engineering, operations and financial organizations. With a strong customer centered product development approach, Mr. Bhutta brings to Reno world class RF Power technology coupled with sound technical management experience.

Previous positions include: President/CEO – Innovation Engineering VP Engineering-RF – Advanced Energy Industries
Daniel Mudd – Chief Technology Officer Gas Delivery Products

Daniel Mudd has been working in the equipment side of semiconductor chip fabrication for more than 22 years. During this time, he has focused primarily on the heartbeat of the gas and fluid delivery system in the design and manufacturing of Mass Flow Controllers (MFC's). This development and design has led to well over 50 US, and International patents and more than five patent applications in process. His patents are now in place in the three large MFC companies.

Previous Positions include: CTO Dakota Systems Inc. Vice President of Advanced Technology-HoribaSTEC Vice President of Engineering-Fugasity Engineering Manager-Tylan General Product Manager-DXL Section Manager-Boeing Aircraft Plant Engineering/Maintenance Supervisor-General Motors
Robert Ferran – Chief Technology Officer - Vacuum Instrumentation

Mr. Ferran's experience in the design of highly sophisticated measurement and control instrumentation dates back to the 1960's. While still a student at MIT, Mr. Ferran worked to pioneer new vacuum measurement technologies that are still extensively used in the Micro Electronics industry today. As a passionate entrepreneur, Mr. Ferran has founded and led several leading edge technology companies.

Previous positions include: Founder- CEO, Electro-Mariner Corp Founder- CEO, Ion Metrics Founder- CEO, Ferran Scientific Co- Founder- CTO Tylan General Founder-Chairman, Vacuum General Chief Scientist, MKS Instruments Co-Founder- Chief Scientist – Datametrics Corp
Walter Zens – Vice President Europe

Mr. Zens brings over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor equipment and industrial automation business. He combines visionary thinking with results-oriented management. Mr. Zens excels in building and leading multi-disciplinary teams to develop advanced technologies, in the instrumentation sector as well as in communications systems. He demonstrates strong management skills and has led European operations through challenging transitions. Mr. Zens has a track record in high-level management consultancy, with a focus on helping smaller companies addressing a global market place and enter strategic partnerships.

Previous positions include: European Business Development - ILS Technology Senior Executive Adviser - Noblemen Group European Market Director - Kinetics Director of Product Engineering - Millipore Managing Director - Tylan General Germany Product Manager - Veeco Instruments Germany
DY Park - Vice President Asia Operations

Mr. Park's over 35 years' experience includes the formation and management of several high profile companies in Korea and development of effective sales, service and distribution channels in the region. He has extensive experience in all aspects of strategic business development and in building and managing high growth companies in Korea. Mr. Park was plant manager of the first wafer fabrication house in Korea in 1970's.

Previous positions include: Senior Executive Advisor- Noblemen Group President and CEO- Akrion Korea Ltd President and CEO- Tylan Genera Korea. President- Lam Research Korea Director of Manufacturing- Du Pont Electronics Korea
Shuji Wada - Country Manager Japan

Mr. Wada is a semiconductor industry veteran with more than 30 years of sales & marketing and corporate planning. Realizing that the current industry is facing a number of challenges and difficulties in business and technology, he is ready to again serve the customers in the field of front end semiconductor processes

Previous position include: Sales & Marketing Manager - Lumonics Pacific /GSI Lumonics Planning & Development Manager - Tylan General KK President - Abetech International (Calif., USA) Division Manager - Abe Trading
Victor Huang - Technical Support Manager Taiwan

Mr. Huang is a senior manager with 20 years Semiconductor and industry coating experience. Mr. Huang has a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and that combined with his excellent communication skills enable him to provide solutions to the Taiwan semiconductor customers and global OEMS.

Previous positions include: Service Manager – MKS Taiwan Senior Manager – Advanced Energy Taiwan Service supervisor – ENI Taiwan

Board of Directors

Don Whitson – Chairman
Managing Director, Noblemen Group

Rod Fallow
President, Swagelok Northern California

Joe Cestari
President, Total Facilities Solutions

Dr. Joseph Stach
Retired Vice President, Advanced Energy

Yumiko Damashek
Vice President Japan and Operations in Asia, Cabot Microelectronics Corporation


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Dalhousie University