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Leveraging Disruptive Patented Technologies


Reno Sub-Systems (Reno) has developed new and disruptive technologies for the semiconductor and advanced microelectronic industries. Leveraging its patented technologies, Reno has demonstrated the highest performance radio frequency (RF) matching networks, and RF power generators for leading-edge nanoscale manufacturing processes. Reno has generated strong customer demand based on on-tool performance data, which has allowed the company to transition from technology and product development to high-volume adoption within two years.


Reno continues to collaborate with its customers to understand problems of the future and solve them now. The technologies will see rapid innovation and production in the coming years due to both design wins with OEMs and repeated success with end users.


What People Say about Reno Sub-Systems


“Reno Sub-Systems demonstrates that its performance advances in plasma process control are winning over global semiconductor manufacturers.” – Silicon Semiconductor Magazine


“Investors see the value in Reno Sub-Systems’ technology for helping them migrate to more advanced technology nodes through greater precision and process repeatability.” – EE Times


“Reno’s EVC provides reductions in variability that open the process window that creates value for the end user’s production.” SVP at Multinational Chip Manufacturer