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Reno Sub-Systems > Technology

Sub-systems for Leading-Edge Plasma Processing


Plasma processing is a critical technology in the fabrication of advanced microelectronic circuits. To create advanced devices (sub-14nm), highly repeatable, precisely controlled, short cycle-time plasma etching and deposition are essential. Variation on these leading-edge processes are measured on the atomic scale. Plasma processing environments require single-atom-layer removal and deposition. While vacuum control and measurement have kept pace with industry needs, control and RF matching network technologies have not.

Reno’s RF power products address critical customer needs of technology enablement, precision and unmatched repeatability. To equipment OEMs, Reno’s RF sub-systems products provide systematic and differentiating performance enhancements to standard deposition and etch tools without the need for costly tool redesign.


For device manufacturers, Reno’s products promise an order-of-magnitude improvement in process control to enable manufacturing of leading-edge devices.

Reno’s two enabling patented technologies open the plasma processing door to deep submicron feature sizes and the very short process times necessary for both planar and 3D device architectures. In addition to new process regimes, Reno’s process control technologies facilitate “always on” plasma management, reducing on-wafer particles, improving film properties and reducing cost per transistor, thereby enabling Moore’s law.


Reno’s RF technologies are backed by a strong patent portfolio.

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VelocityTM RF match technology enables ≤14nm semiconductor manufacturing