Reno Sub-Systems Shipping a Repeat Order

Reno Sub-Systems Shipping a Repeat Order

Reno Sub-Systems is pleased to announce that we have begun shipping Velocity™ Matching Networks as part of a significant repeat order. The company received this order at the end of Q4 2019.


The order involves multiple systems that are being shipped to a manufacturer for use in high volume production for next-generation critical etch processes. The full order will be filled and shipped by early Q2 2020.


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Reno Sub-Systems Inc. has developed new and disruptive technologies for the semiconductor and advanced microelectronic industries. Leveraging its patented technologies, Reno has demonstrated the highest performance radio frequency matching networks for leading-edge nanoscale manufacturing processes. Reno has generated strong customer demand based on on-tool performance data, which has allowed the company to transition from technology and product development to high volume adoption within two years. For more information, please visit


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