Reno Sub-Systems Welcomes New Board of Director Member

Reno Sub-Systems Welcomes New Board of Director Member

Our team is pleased to announce the newest addition to Reno Sub-Systems’ board of directors, Keith Larson. He joins us from Intel Capital, where he was vice president and senior managing director. At Intel, Keith was one of five voting executives responsible for all Intel Capital investments. He also led the execution of Intel Capital’s largest and most successful investment.


Keith brings a vast array of leadership experience, from executive roles in private companies, public companies, academia and government. He is experienced in current technology megatrends including semiconductors, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles and more.


Along with Reno Sub-Systems, Keith serves on several corporate and advisory boards, including the board of directors of Northwest Pipe Company, where he contributed to changes in the executive management and helped restructure the company. He is also an advisor to Grow, Inc., a venture-backed developer of high performance computing solutions using hardware and software targeting machine learning application.


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Reno Sub-Systems Inc. has developed new and disruptive technologies for the semiconductor and advanced microelectronic industries. Leveraging its patented technologies, Reno has demonstrated the highest performance radio frequency matching networks for leading-edge nanoscale manufacturing processes. Reno has generated strong customer demand based on on-tool performance data, which has allowed the company to transition from technology and product development to high volume adoption within two years. For more information, please visit


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