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Reno Flow Products

FlowNode™ Series

The mass flow controller (MFC) footprint has limited current suppliers to an inlet and outlet fitting over a standard length to the detriment of performance. Current MFC-based gas systems are limited in their performance capabilities in precise low flows, switching, settling times, flow range capabilities, and sensitivity to pressure changes.


Reno Sub-Systems FlowNode technology is built around proprietary, patented technology solving each of these performance challenges.

  • <1% Reading (R) accuracy at ultra-low flows below 0.01 sccm
  • Extremely wide 1% R accuracy range
  • <100msec response with patent-pending FastGas™
  • 50 msec spikeless response for ALD/ALE applications
  • Positive shut-off: helium leak tight to 1 X 10-9 std. atm. cc/sec

FastGas™ FlowNode System

Tell us what flow you need and our FastGas FlowNode technology will deliver it with a <100 msec response time.

FlowNode System Graph
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Ultra-Low Flow

Existing thermal-based and pressure-based MFCs are truly limited by physics to a minimum full-scale flow. Thermal MFCs require 1-5 sccm flows at a minimum from their flow sensor, and pressure-based MFCs require a restrictor sized for 100 sccm to avoid long  shut-off times. Reno offers a 1 sccm full-scale Low FlowNode technology that is 100 times more stable and repeatable than either  of the technologies.

ALD/ALE Sub-System

Reno’s patent pending ALD/ALE Flow Node technology allows <100 msec gas switching without the spikes created with current valve switching.

Ultra-Wide-Range Flow

Reno’s unique Wide-Range FlowNode technology features two or more measuring sections in a single device. This allows us to achieve 1% Reading (R) accuracy over separate 20:1 ranges to offer a 400-to-1, 1% accuracy range and a >4,000-to-1 control range.

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