Precis™ RF Power Generators

Reno’s patented Precis™ solid-state RF power generators are designed specifically for use in the most advanced plasma etch and deposition applications in semiconductor manufacturing to deliver accurate and stable power delivery, fast pulsing for shorter process steps and a compact design for space savings. Available in multiple powers and frequencies, Precis™ generators ensure that forward and reflected power levels can be easily measured and adjusted with closed-loop, precision control over frequency, output power, phase and RF signal modulation with high reliability.

Precis™ generators are water cooled and operate from a three-phase, 200/208VAC, 50/60Hz AC source. The units are connected to a suitable RF Matching Network that is designed to operate into loads with rapidly changing impedance conditions created by the plasma. When Reno’s PrecisTM RF generators are combined with the company’s EVCTM matching networks, they provide enhanced processing capabilities and unrivaled plasma stability, with accurate and repeatable matching times of 0.5ms or less. This eliminates RF variability, reduces reflected power, widens the process window, increases plasma stability and delivers the exact plasma condition for every wafer, every time.

Reno’s RF generators are some of the most compact generators in the industry, and include several advanced features that improve the reliability of the RF generator as well as the accuracy of power delivery:

  • Dynamically change the load-line of the RF generator to reduce the power loss in the RF generator, thus improving the power delivery profile as well as improving the reliability of the generator.
  • Proprietary, dual-stage heterodyne circuitry enables a faster slew rate response from the detector stages of the control circuit. This provides a considerably more accurate measurement of pulsed RF signals.
  • Controls the power to the chamber in real time to eliminate the micro-arcing.
  • Sensors and control circuitry can further process detected signals to provide additional insight into the semiconductor process that can then be used to control the power using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Precis Generator Models

  • 1004k – 1kW, 400kHz
  • 1008k – 1kW, 800kHz
  • 1012k – 1kW, 1.2MHz
  • 1513k – 1.5kW, 13MHz
  • 7013k – 7kW, 13MHz
  • 10013K – 10kW, 13MHz

Additional powers and frequencies are in the pipeline.