RF Match and Power Products

Velocity Series RF Match and Power

Sub-500 µsec pulse to pulse matching

EVC Matching Network

Current RF match capabilities, either in vacuum-variable capacitor (VVC) or variable frequency approaches, suffer from long match times (1-3+ seconds) or the limited processing capability of variable frequency matching.

Reno Sub-Systems’ patented Electronically Variable Capacitor (EVC) matching network provides an all-solid-state, high-reliability Instantaneous Match™ capability with sub-500 µsec tune times.

Precis™ RF Generators

The generator is no longer the weakest part of the power chain, with Reno’s new Instantaneous Generator™ power system enabling accurate, repeatable and stable µsec ramp times using solid-state architecture. Paired with the EVC matching network, Reno technology achieves unprecedented performance and process capabilities.

Integrated Precis RF Generators and EVC Matching Networks

Historically, the VVC and generator have not been combined in one unit. Reno’s robust solid-state EVC matching network and Precis generator are integrated in a single unit, achieving performance and process capabilities never previously seen.