Velocity™ EVC™ Matching Networks

The two different RF matching network technologies used today have different, but equally severe limitations. Vacuum variable capacitor (VVC) technology is 70+ years old and suffers from long match times (1-3+ seconds), lack of repeatability from wafer to wafer and, since they are mechanically driven, higher failure rates. Frequency tuning in contrast, is reasonably fast, but can only account for small impedance shifts and can only tune the reactive portion of the plasma impedance, so each wafer could see a slightly different RF condition. By contrast, Reno’s patented Electronically Variable Capacitor (EVC™) matching network provides an all-solid-state, high-reliability, Instantaneous Match™ capability with sub-500 microsecond tune times for every wafer, every time.

Velocity™ also offers multilevel, pulse and level-to-level matching technology, the first technology that can match process impedance changes in microseconds and match sequential, multiple power levels with precision. Benefits of this approach include plasma stability, more accurate power delivery, wafer-to-wafer repeatability and fast tuning for accelerated processing times. This enables new process recipe techniques that are impossible with older methods. This new technology targets manufacturing nodes at or below 10nm.

Velocity™ features Level-to-Level (L2L™) prepulse switching technology. With this approach, the EVC™ switches shortly before the new pulse occurs, allowing it to accomplish the switch before the start of the pulse. This shortens the time it takes to make the match with typical switching times of ~80 microseconds, while maintaining unsurpassed accuracy. Essential for the new, short RF on pulses, Reno is the only company that can match the impedance of each pulse accurately and repeatably.

The Velocity™ EVC™ matching network achieves power ranges from 500W to 10kW, with frequencies of 500kHZ to 40MHz.

Velocity™ Models

  • Velocity 0504 – 500W 400kHz
  • Velocity 2040D – 2kW, 13.56 and 40MHz Dual match
  • Velocity 1004 – 1kW, 400kHz
  • Velocity 1008 – 1kW, 800kHz
  • Velocity 1012 – 1kW, 1.2MHz
  • Velocity 1013 – 1kW, 13MHz
  • Velocity 1013F – 1kW, 13MHz with frequency sweep capability
  • Velocity 1313F – 1.25kW, 13MHz with frequency sweep capability
  • Velocity 3013 – 3kW, 13MHz 
  • Velocity 3013F – 3kW, 13MHz with frequency sweep capability
  • Velocity 4527 – 4.5kW, 27MHz
  • Velocity 7013 – 7kW, 13MHz 
  • Velocity 10013 – 10kW, 13MHz

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